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  • Decipher and Decode: Week 12
    After a hiatus I am thrilled to be back, for the week 12 decipher and decode. In order to keep this article from going long I am not going to do every game, instead I will highlight the important and pertinent information.
  • Decipher and Decode: Week 8
    I am going to be focusing on sleepers this week and which players are worth being targeted and which players are roster cloggers for the year. These players that will be highlighted should not be mistaken as must-roster additions, but the type of player rostered to see if their opportunity increases during the games. Excluding a few names these players can be picked up Saturday evening or Sunday morning, because we all have that one roster spot for a lottery pick … right? The roster clogger section can be viewed as the ‘first to drop’ not a ‘must drop’.
  • Decipher and Decode: Week 7
    Taking the action in Week 7 and turning it into actionable information to weaponize against your league. Lets dive in. Denver Broncos vs Cleveland Browns Jerry Jeudy is coming back this week after suffering a gruesome high ankle sprain. I am here saying that trusting him this year is an exercise in futility. I thought […]
  • Decipher and Decode – Week 6
    Constantly refining ways to get you this information is something I am striving for. That being said basic trends are established. Using weekly and seasonal metrics I will do my best to give you the pertinent information to help push your teams over the edge.
  • Week 6 Bumps and Bruises
    While Christian McCaffrey misses a third straight week, fantasy owners need to keep an eye on both Mike Williams and Terry McLaurin. Williams has missed three straight practices, while McLaurin popped up on the injury report on Friday with a hamstring injury. Both are listed as questionable, but fantasy owners should follow news reports closely.
  • Phase Streaming Kickers: Week 6-8
    Phase Streaming is a concept I picked up for the under appreciated and under loved portions on our seasonal lineups; defenses and kickers. The concept here is finding a kicker that a manager can start for multiple weeks. Doing so allows the manager to focus on other waiver pick ups throughout the week. When I am projecting kickers I would want to stream moving forward I look at quite a few things.
  • My God, it Hurts so Good. Week 6 start sits
    Lawrence levitates, Cooks is back, and we’re Tremble’in for Tommy! @mclovinffaffair breaks down week 6 start sits
  • Decipher and Decode: Week 5
    Week 5 may have offered one of the most exciting weeks of football in past memory. With that comes more opportunities to decode and decipher. As the season prolongs, the article will eventually take on a new look. Acknowledging the studs but looking deeper into the players with value left to offer.
  • Week 5 Bumps and Bruises
    Heading into week five of the NFL season, I wanted to update fantasy managers on the current injury landscape around the league. As mentioned last week, this will be a weekly article available both on our website and on Twitter @FantasyAffairFF. This will drop on Saturdays throughout the rest of the season. If you have questions in the interim, please drop me a line @vandygrad92 on Twitter.
  • Deciphering and Decoding: Week 4
    We are a Thursday night game away from being ‘officially’ one fourth through the season. These next few weeks is when things become paramount for your seasonal or dynasty leagues. Teams with poor records are going to begin to find a way to climb out of the hole they are in, and teams that are undefeated are going to begin making move for the playoffs. The information gathered and presented here will give you a better idea which players to target and which players to avoid in the future weeks.
  • Week 5 Starts and Sits
    Week 5 Starts and Sits By:  Andrew Jacques @mclovinffaffair As with every week, who to start and who to sit is a big decision for fantasy managers. I’ll always try to get straight to the point with some very basic ground rules – If players were drafted in the top 36 or are top 6 […]
  • Week 5 Waiver Wire
    Talking advantage of injured RBs, WRs surprisingly fast rise above the rest, and trying to find a good TE. Quinn Cuskey has the hookup on who to target this week in your fantasy waiver wire!
  • Week 4 Bumps and Bruises
    After missing week three’s game against the Seahawks, Dalvin Cook highlights a group of important fantasy players that are listed as questionable heading into week four action. With Christian McCaffrey and A.J. Brown already ruled out, it looks like another week of juggling lineups for fantasy owners.
  • Deciphering Week 1 Snap Counts
    Fantasy football overreactions to Week 1 is as consistent as Sammy Watkins blowing up the same week. Most of the information offered is not worth reading into and most people stick to stat lines. Which is why looking into snap counts is the best insight I can give into what a team truly wants to do.
  • Deciphering and Decoding Week 3
    The same snap count article just revamped to bring you information beyond snaps counts in a condensed version. With this renewed article, I bring you Snap Counts, Target Share, and multiple other metrics to better define player expectations moving forward.
  • Week 4 Starts and Sits
    By:  Andrew Jacques @mclovinffaffair As with every week, who to start and who to sit is a big decision for fantasy managers. I’ll always try to get straight to the point with some very basic ground rules – If players were drafted in the top 36 or are top 6 at their position, I’m not […]
  • Week 4 Waiver Wire Adds
    Quinn Cuskey QBs: Jacoby Brissett: Tua being on IR for the Dolphins had opened the door for Brissett, and he looks poised to take full advantage. Brissett dropped a 20 in week 3 without a TD. As he starts to get more comfortable in that offense, I expect those numbers to increase.  RBs: Chubba Hubbard: […]
  • Start Sit Week 3
    By:  Andrew Jacques @mclovinffaffair As with every week, who to start and who to sit is a big decision for fantasy managers. I’ll always try to get straight to the point with some very basic ground rules – If players were drafted in the top 36 or are top 6 at their position, I’m not […]
  • Deciphering Snap Counts: Week 2
    I will be looking into the snap count for Week 2 to see what new information can be used to help gain an advantage for the rest of the season. New York Giants vs. Washington Football Team New York Giants Once again, Sterling Shepard, Saquon Barkley, and Kenny Golladay dominated snap counts with 93-percent (64) […]
  • Waiver Wire Week 2
    @Quinn_Cuskey breaks down the best adds that are available in a majority of leagues. Hit the waiver wire and win your week and your league
  • Week 1: Instant Reactions
    A weekly piece here to deliver instant reactions to Week 1 and what trends and players were noticed.
  • Week 4 NFL Rankings
    Brought to you by @MattyDaddyFF and @FFBourbonDude 2021 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyProsECR ™ – Expert Consensus Rankings
  • Phase Streaming Kickers Weeks 1-5
    My hope here is that this is able to provide a better framework in projecting kickers and assisting with the weekly streaming options. This ideally offers a better solution to weekly streaming, replacing it with a phase streaming, three to four weeks instead of one to two weeks at a time. Allowing managers to better capitalize with their waiver wire and save FABB for other important pick ups.
  • 2020 Seasonal Lessons Learned
    As the 2020 season is wrapping up after the Monday Night Game. I thought that this was the proper time to look back on the year and see if there were any lessons to be learned. We will be doing this as a staff, one version for seasonal leagues and one for keeper/dynasty leagues. Bookmark […]
  • Running Back Handcuff Shuffle: Part 2
      If you missed the first article, I strongly suggest you go ahead and read it HERE, out of context this article will hardly make sense.      As promised, I am going to tier running backs handcuffs with a brief explanation for each player.  Tier 1: Most of these backs are going to be rostered, […]
  • Let’s go to Hollywood?
        Hollywood is the larger-than-life symbol of the entertainment world, so let’s talk about how I think Marquise “Hollywood” Brown can be that larger than life symbol for the Baltimore Ravens.  Hollywood was the 25th overall pick a couple years ago.  Camp reports this year talked routinely about how he was destroying Marcus Peters like […]
  • Running Back Handcuff Shuffle
    Identifying the ideal handcuffs to have taking up roster space is difficult but there may be a method to the handcuff madness. There are three crowds when it comes to rostering ahandcuff player: (1) Owner rosters a handcuff that provides depth to their starting running backs, but no other handcuffs. (2) Owner will handcuff in […]
  • The Gambler: Wide Receiver Edition
    Kenny Rogers created his most popular song, with the well-known verse “Know when to hold’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run…” I cannot think of any other verse that perfectly fits this segment here. We are going to examine wide receivers that carried lofty expectations and have thus far under performed.  […]
  • From Black Box to Greenlight: Logan Thomas
        I have always had a soft spot for tight ends, many things contribute to this but mostly, there is something exceptional about finding the next breaking out tight end. Something so visceral, it just makes you want to find the next big thing; it started with Kittle, then Andrews, now, well we will see. […]
  • Preston Williams, Rise To Glory
    Preston Williams is one of the most slept on breakout candidates, especially in redraft leagues where he can routinely be found in the 10th round position of the draft where you are looking for high upside guys regardless of risk. Preston fits the mold at 6-5” weighing in at 210 and returning punts to start […]
  • Bryce Love, Silver Lining
    The Washington Football team has had a tumultuous offseason to say the least. Starting with allegations that their cheerleading team was put in unquestionably uncomfortable positions, yet another push for the franchise to change their name from the Redskins, a clearly racist slur from a translation of a letter sent by Chief Mosquito to a […]
  • Fight Night: The Minnesota Vikings
    The Fight Card: The Minnesota Vikings Mike Boone: First to enter the ring, walk up song: “Grindin” – Lil Baby ft. Yogi     Mike Boone may be best remembered to date as a late season waiver addition who fell far below the lofty expectations when Mattison and Cook both were injured. He was one of […]
  • Why Not Christian Kirk?
    With the newest addition of Deandre Hopkins bolstering the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver corps, the secondary pieces have seen an expected ADP and value drop. Which begs the question, why? Why are we fading Christian Kirk just because of the introduction of a top 12 wide receiver year in and year out. Last year seemed […]
  • Fight Night: Washington Football Team
    The Fight Card: The Washington Football Team Before I start getting into what this segment is all about let me outline a few things. Every off-season you have numerous camp battles, most of which revolve around quarterback or runningback. This off-season has introduced a tremendous opportunity in fantasy value, but also one of the murkiest […]
  • The Calm Before the Fantasy Storm
    All offseason we wait for that chance at redemption.  We stand ready to bring more than the previous year and to become the best. Fantasy football is our deepest, sweetest temptation. Offseason is the constant grind that brings us that much closer to the taste of gold. As we prepare, sifting through free agency, rookies […]
  • How to do Fantasy Football Rankings
    With the fantasy football community growing and the increased number of pods, I feel it’s important to highlight some of the more tedious but enjoyable aspects of analyzing talent, rankings, and, the all mighty equalizer, identifying player opportunity.  It’s important to note that player rankings are an incredibly personal and subjective exercise, one that will […]
  • Chris Herndon – Greenlighted
    The hottest trend of the last three years is to take some fliers at high upside TEs in hopes they pan out and enter the top 10 that year. Quite frankly, it has worked out stunningly, giving you Mark Andrews and Darren Waller in 2019 preceded by George Kittle in 2018.  The last few months […]
  • Siren Song
    The Siren is a mythological creature, cursed into the form of a beautiful bird and banished to an island where they sing a sweet melody that draws unwary sailors to their death. They are only able to perish and break their curse if some brave soul could pass their island without succumbing to their song. […]

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