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Latest Dynasty Articles:

  • Breakout Candidate-Brandon Aiyuk

    After the 2019 Super Bowl loss to the Chiefs and the subsequent departure of Emmanuel Sanders to free agency, it was apparent that the 49ERS needed more offensive playmakers. With the 25th pick of the 2020 draft, they selected WR Brandon Aiyuk from Arizona state. In his rookie season, Aiyuk had 60 catches for 748 yards and five TD’s 15th in PPR fantasy points per game). Now he is ready to breakout and finish within the top 18 at his position.

  • Chaos Series: Mike Evans Foreclosure

    With a record-setting career to this point Mike Evans has the window tidings of an elite and prestigious fantasy asset. Will a look beyond the window reveals a completely different story? 

  • Breakout Candidate-Blake Jarwin

    After a torn ACL ended his season in 2020, Blake Jarwin returns as one of the best breakout TE candidates. If you are unable to get one of the top four TE’s at the top of the draft, Jarwin is the reason to wait on the position and load up on talent at the other skill positions.

  • Mike Williams – Player-X?

    Our man @FFBourbonDude talks about why you should open your eyes and get Mike Williams on your team before it’s too late.

  • Exploiting Value Through KTC: TE Buys

    TE is the most scarce position in fantasy football. Identifying breakouts is thus especially fruitful when it comes to this position. Which guys should you be looking to acquire? @FFgoldmine has you covered.

  • 2021 Regression Candidates – Part 1

    Projecting which of the 2020 RB1’s will fall outside of the top 12 in 2021. Workload, personnel changes, PPR upside, and many more factors. Combining anaylitics and projections to stay ahead of the curve

  • Curtis Samuel: Diving Into Mediocrity

    An article aiming at giving controlled chaos targeting Curtis Samuel. His efficiency will not be the death knell it could be, but it is not giving him an easy free path to fantasy success. If Samuel’s wants to be successful with the Washington Football Team, he is going to need to find a way to create more fantasy success with less targets.

  • Dynasty Debate: J.K. Dobbins

    Inspired by Britt and Garrett’s recent Dobbins debate. Will he finish as an RB1 in 2021? Rushing volume, target totals, touchdown upside: both sides of the coin.

  • Exploiting Value Through KTC: RB Buys

    @FFGoldmine breaks down the best running backs to go put offers out for. Who are they, and what will they cost you?

  • Exploiting Value Through KTC: QB Sells

    @FFGoldmine gives you the QBs that are most overvalued by the dynasty hive mind, and tells a precautionary tale of overvaluing rookie quarterbacks.

  • Dynasty Veterans To Push You Over The Edge

    Come get your veteran dynasty buys while they’re hot! These guys are going to help you take home that championship we all covet. We’ve all made trades that we regret and trades that were home-runs. Acquiring these veterans will prove to be home-runs because they’re just what your dynasty teams need to take home glory.

  • Dynasty Lottery Tickets with Big-Time Upside
    There’s just something about lottery picks. We all love them despite them rarely turning into anything substantial. Yet, we all continue to go back to the barrel every single time. As dynasty owners, we’re no different. We love the upside play. There’s a certain level of pride and excitement when one of your sleepers hits. […]
  • Exploiting Value Through KTC: QB Buys

    @FFGoldmine brings you the QBs currently most undervalued by the dynasty market. Checkout which players you should be targeting and what they’ll cost you.

  • Exploiting Value Through KTC: WR Sells

    @FFGoldmine unveils the WRs the dynasty market is currently overvaluing the most by digging into KeepTradeCut. Who are they? And what should you be looking to get in return for them if you trade them? Read to find out.

  • Exploiting Value Through KTC: WR Buys

    @FFGoldmine unveils the WRs the dynasty market is currently overlooking. Who are these undervalued assets? And what do you have to give up to acquire them?

  • Travis Etienne: The Next Pass-Catching Phenom

    The Jaguars backfield is messy. That doesn’t mean we should shy away from it. Travis Etienne has a three-down skill set. The Jaguars invested a first-round pick. Yes, there’s a James Robinson-sized hurdle he needs to leap first. Don’t be surprised when he does just that. Come and check out why. And read more of my work @RobFFAddict

  • Josh Jacobs, Time Bomb

    The year is 2021 and Josh Jacbos is now year three in his NFL career and he has people in a true frenzy. The point of the article is to set early expectations for Josh Jacobs in the 2021 fantasy season.

  • Is DJ Moore Joe Mixon?
    Ever have a tweet that gets so much traction you are inspired to write an article? How close is D.J. Moore to Joe Mixon?  Joe Mixon is seemingly always tabbed as the next running back to break into the top-5 even though he has yet to ever reach the top-5 any given year. Whether it […]
  • From Plato to Dynasty Fantasy Football: The Rule of Thirds
    Rookie Hit Rate (2021) Eric Burkholder (@ericburkholder6: twitter) Garret Vena (@FFgoldmine: twitter) The number three has constantly and consistently resurfaced throughout history to have significant —-. The philosopher Plato saw three as being symbolic of the triangle and in turn believed the world to be constructed from a series of triangles, ancient Babylon believed in […]
  • Siren Song 2021
    Kicking off the 2021 series of Sirens Song it is time to break into things that are just too good to be true.   For the first part of the series, I need to acknowledge a few things; first, running backs are the most scarce commodity, second, each rookie class is going to offer at […]
  • Don’t be Shy with Shi

    FFBourbonDude breaks down the reasons you shouldn’t hesitate to add Shi Smith to you dynasty roster.

  • RotR SuperFlex Rookie Mock Draft 1.0 – Round 3
    Introduction  This is where we all dream of the Terry McLaurins and James Robinsons of the world. How do I find a championship winning caliber player in the mud that is the 2021 rookie draft. In this round, we see high upside players who need to find themselves an area of opportunity. Be sure to […]
  • RotR SuperFlex Rookie Mock Draft 1.0 – Round 2
    Introduction  Hit rates in the second round of rookie drafts drop drastically when talking dynasty.  This class is no different, there are no sure fire starters outside of some slot guys and potential QB’s.  The RB’s are all controversial and no one really knows how they will fit into an NFL team until we know […]
  • 2021: Year Of The Outlier
    Eric Burkholder: @ericburkholder6 on twitter Following the incredible rookie class in 2020, 2021 has enormous expectations, and for good reason. As it pertains to superflex leagues there will be a lot of talent available in the first round of rookie drafts this upcoming season. With 5 quarterbacks projected to go in the top 15 picks […]
  • Evolve or Die: TE Edition

    Anything and everything you need to know about the TE position. What are the most predictive factors when it comes to identifying top fantasy TE’s? Who were the highest ceiling and highest floor TEs of 2020? Which TEs should you target heading into 2021? All these questions and more are answered by @FFGoldmine in this in-depth piece.

  • Evolve or Die: QB Edition

    @FFGoldmine is back with the QB Edition of the hit Evolve or Die Series. Check out how the QB position is changing, and which metrics we need to be paying the most attention to when evaluating which QBs to draft. Also covered: 2020 ceiling and floor performances, and who to target heading into 2021.

  • RotR SuperFlex Rookie Mock Draft 1.0 – Round 1
    Introduction  The Rookie on the Rise team, as part of Fantasy Affair Fantasy Football, brings to you our first SF rookie mock draft. This is where we look at talent in a vacuum, regardless of landing positions. We intend to provide the viewers/listeners/readers with context that prevents the “CEH reaches” and “CeeDee Lamb fades” similar […]
  • Pro Day vs. Combine

    With the lack of a NFL combine deciphering the results of pro days can be difficult. Brian Craighead breaks down the importance of the combine and how to interpret pro day results when evaluating rookies

  • 2020 Dynasty Lessons Learned
    Similar to our seasonal lessons learned we are going to bring you our staff thoughts on our dynasty lessons learned. These may not always be applicable to everyone, but we strive to bring you actionable information that will help you level up your process and dynasty acumen.  Britt Sanders: I have learned a ton this […]
  • Kenny Golladay vs Allen Robinson
    Allen Robinson and Kenny Golladay are very similar NFL wide receivers. Robinson is 6’2 220 and Golladay is 6’4 214. Both are big body receivers you put on the field to bully the opponents DBs and that’s exactly how they’ve been used throughout their careers to this point. Both are set to hit free agency […]
  • Juju Landing Spots
    Player: Juju Smith-SchusterHeight: 6’1”Weight: 215 lbs. Between gaming and dancing, Juju is one of the top guys in an exceptionally talented free agent wide receiver class. Juju is the prototypical big slot possession receiver who DOMINATES in the RedZone. You may have seen recent reports discussing Juju potentially landing in LV Raiders, NY Jets, and […]
  • Chris Carson VS Kenyan Drake
    Game Rush Yds Y/A Rec Rec Yds TDs2019 15 278 1230 4.4 37 266 7(2) 2020 8 141 681 4.8 37 287 5(4) Career 45 715 3270 4.6 101 775 21(7) Chris Carson is a bull of a running back that runs downhill with authority and aggression. He’s a versatile back that can catch passes […]
  • Quarterback Carousel
    This offseason has had unprecedented speculation at an NFL Quarterback Carousel. Ranging from superstar quarterbacks such as Russell Wilson to the retirement of NFL cornerstones like Phillip Rivers, NFL beat reporters and pundits are widely speculating a shift in many of the constants that we’ve become so used to seeing. Let’s get started: Credit for […]
  • Offseason Bulls and Bears
     Introduction The stock market is similar to fantasy football;  You look at trends and data to determine the best time to buy or sell a stock.  The stock market refers to these stocks as bullish or bearish.  The fantasy football offseason is where you set the foundation of your team moving forward.  Identifying opportunities to […]
  • Evolve or Die – WR Edition

    @FFGoldmine breaks down why we should prioritize WRs with a high floor and week-to-week consistency in season long formats. Which receivers performed best with regards to these measurements in 2020? And who should we be targeting heading into 2021? Tune in to find out.

  • Evolve or Die – RB Edition

    @FFGoldmine uncovers why we should prioritize RBs with the highest ceilings, and why efficiency is becoming an increasingly important metric when it comes to predicting fantasy production at the RB position. How did your favorite RB fare with regards to these metrics, and who should you be targeting heading into 2021?

  • From Parris with Love
       The City of Paris’ motto is ‘Fluctuat nec mergitur’ or, to those of us who don’t know French, “She is rocked by the waves but does not sink.”  People, just like cities, can recover from bad times.  Will Fuller before this year had never played an entire season and never topped 85.2 fantasy points, […]
  • The Rookie Bonanza
    Let’s talk about rookies. It has long been an accepted theory that rookie running backs contribute to your fantasy team quicker than wide receivers. It has also been an accepted theory that wide receivers take two to three years to create a weekly impact. I think things are changing in a hurry.      Let’s start […]
  • The Art of the Trade
    Memoires by BryanGM and Britt Sanders From tending bar and serving in some of the highest end restaurant/nightclubs Las Vegas has to offer, I have learned how to sell things people don’t necessarily need or even want.  From selling $2,500 shots of Macallan 1950 and accumulating over $1.35 million in liquor n food sales in […]
  • The Ke’Shawn Vaughn Fairytale
       The 2020 Draft was deep in talent at the Wide Receiver, Runningback, and Quarterback positions.  Sometimes that talent was obvious – Jonathan Taylor rushed for over 2,000 yards for 3 consecutive years, ran a sub 4.40 40-yard dash, and displayed the prototypical physical traits every General Manager drools over.  Ceedee Lamb was the YAC […]
  • Between the Sheets Sleeper
    DEEJAY DALLAS Tackle Breaking – Next Level Contact Balance – Best in Class In Game Physicality – Undeniable Pass Protection – Pro Level Ready These are 4 of the qualities Deejay Dallas possesses coming out of college that, to me, stands out at an elite level. He has the tackle breaking ability of Jonathan Taylor, […]
  • Trevor Lawrence
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