Matt Riser Aka MattyDaddy 

Visionary of Fantasy Affair
Podcast Host of Fantasy Affair and Stud 4 Stud, Hot Buy Happy Hour, Livestreams
Family 1st
Proud Father and Husband 
Played Football at Huntingdon College
17 years of Fantasy Football experience 
3 years of Dynasty 
Dallas Cowboys fan

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Fantasy Affair Host, Social Networking
Proud Fiancé and Dog Father
B.A. Physical Education Sage Colleges
Multiple award-winning bartender 
Multiple FF Titles in 9 years playing (Redraft,Dynasty,DLF,BestBall)

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Brad Photo.png

Bradley Stickler

Fantasy Affair Co-Host

Navy Submariner (basically means I’m a special kind of crazy)

Proud Husband

Father of 2 perfect kids

Lover of football and fantasy

Buy Low Leader

Cleveland Browns Fan

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Eric “Burky” Burkholder

Dynasty junkie, father of two beautiful girls, and die-hard Lions fan Eric is the co-host, co-founder, and an expert at dynasty startup strategy, roster construction, and bankroll management.

Co-Host, Writer, Website Design, Lead Editor


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Britt Sanders Aka Sandman25

Fantasy Affairs Contributor and Nerd

Rookie On The Rise Creator

ROTRBall Creator
Proud Faux Uncle and Foster Dog Brother
B.A. Recreation – Western Washington University
Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist
12 years of redraft experience, Two years of dynasty
Emphasis on Dynasty, Devy, Models and Nerd Things

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Garret Vena profile pic.jpeg

Garrett Vena

Dynasty Fantasy Football Addict and NY Giants Fan

B.A. Political Science – University of California San Diego

UC Davis School of Law Class of 2024

Ten Years of Redraft Experience, Three Years of Dynasty

Devy and College Football Enthusiast 

Writer, Data Analyst and Rankings Contributor

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Fantasy Affair Editor
B.S. in Nuclear Engineering
10 year Navy Veteran
Nuclear Power Plant Initial Licensing Instructor

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craighead profile pic.jpeg

Brian Craighead

Proud Husband of 16 years

B.A Economics-Vanderbilt University(Nashville)

Kidney Disease/ Breast Cancer Advocate 

Fantasy Football Player for 27 years

Winner of 12 team league of record 4/17 times

Creator/Host of DFS Pod “Cash Crusade”

FF Affair Podcaster/Writer

Redraft/DFS/Dynasty/Devy Enthusiast


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Johnny Slokes

Web Designer/Editor for Fantasy Affair
I’m tight with Jesus
Been playing fantasy football competitively since 2014, dynasty since 2015

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