Aaron Jones En Route; New Home, Same RB1

Aaron Jones En Route; New Home, Same RB1


From 2017 5th round pick out of UTEP to recently turning 26 and coming off back to back years of dominance in Green Bay, Aaron Jones is headed to free agency. Having put up 3,017 total yards with 30 touchdowns at an efficient 5.7 yards per touch over the past two seasons, Jones has more than earned his seat at the table. We are ready to finally free Aaron Jones. He has shown his electrifying skill-set and nose for the end zone which makes him a dynasty darling for any team. With minimal wear and tear (only 651 professional rushing attempts), Jones will be the top RB on the market and looks guaranteed for at least 2 more years of RB1 production. Cap space and opportunity are everything in this situation as Mr. Jones has shown that he is a do it all back. Time to get paid like one! Let’s find that sweet spot with 4 different homes to choose from.

(I do not expect Aaron Jones to be back in Green Bay unless he is tagged on a year deal, which is not expected due to Green Bay’s current cap situation)

Projected Contract Type: 12-15 Million annually- with a big signing bonus and money guaranteed. Think of a deal similar to what Joe Mixon got: 4 years, 48 Million, front loaded, opt out after year 2.

The Destinations: 

Arizona Cardinals: Cap Space: 17 Million 

Nothing like a trip to the desert to an up and coming offense! A team with plenty of cap space (a little less after the JJ Watt signing) and with Kyler still on his rookie deal, now is the perfect time to go grab another stud on offense to separate you from the pack. A player perfectly constructed for the Air Raid offense. As they have gradually gotten better the last few years inthe rushing department, Jones would be just what they need to help them take that next step. 

San Francisco 49ers: Cap Space: 28 Million

For what seems like a win-now team in need of a dominant RB, Jones could be the new San Francisco treat for coach Shanahan. The offense is very similar to the offense he played under with Lafleur in Green Bay, so there wouldn’t be a massive learning curve. With big names coming off the books and a team built to win now, Jones seems like an ideal fit with his versatility as a WR out of the backfield. I love the spot just not sure it gets done.

Miami Dolphins: Cap Space: 36 Million

With a bevy of draft picks and after striking out on Jordan Howard (5 Million a year) in free agency last year. Adding a stud Rb seems to be a priority this off-season. Now might be the time to break the bank on Jones as well. With Tua on a rookie deal and plenty of flexibility. The Offense would be centered around his skill set. This screams HOT BUY! 🍻

New York Jets: Cap Space: 82 Million

The Jets are a team clearly in rebuild. They have a ton of cap space, a ton of picks, but have so many holes to fill before they’ll be able to compete. They’re also expected to draft a QB with their first round draft pick. I could definitely see the Jets being the highest bidder in what many RBs look to cash in on. With Mike Lafleur on the Jets and running Shanahans offensive scheme, this landing spot could be tempting.

Just Missed the Cut:

Seattle Seahawks: Cap Space: 11 Million

Another team strapped for cash but missing that do it all running back. With Carson a free agent, Jones becomes a desirable piece if the Hawks can make the money work and if Jones is willing to head west. This could be a match made in heaven.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Cap Space: 8 Million 

Pittsburgh was once regarded as a hard nosed defense that would hit you in the mouth with their run game. Those days are long gone for the Steelers who ranked dead last in rushing last year on a per game basis. With an offensive line expected to be overhauled this season, I just see too many holes to be able to afford Jones.

Bottom Line? En Route to South Beach 4 years 50 Million. Aaron Jones signs with The Miami Dolphins and is a top 5 Rb once again, helping to elevate sophomore Quarterback Tua and the Phins to the top of the AFC East. In the words of Will Smith “Welcome to Miami”!

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