Kenny Golladay vs Allen Robinson

Kenny Golladay vs Allen Robinson


Allen Robinson and Kenny Golladay are very similar NFL wide receivers. Robinson is 6’2 220 and Golladay is 6’4 214. Both are big body receivers you put on the field to bully the opponents DBs and that’s exactly how they’ve been used throughout their careers to this point. Both are set to hit free agency this offseason and both are currently 27. Neither has gotten to play in an elite passing offense in the NFL. Whether they’ve been held back by a QB, coaching staff or the front office, both could go for a change of scenery. 

The biggest difference between the two is the fact that Golladay is currently coming off of an injury while Robinson has been healthy since his injury in 2017. Also, while they are the same age Golladay has only been in the league for 3 years while Robinson has been in the league for 7 years. 


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Allen Robinson is an elite NFL pass catcher that’s never had an elite passer to throw him the ball. In his 7 seasons in the NFL Robinson has caught passes thrown by Blake Bortles, Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles. Disregarding one miraculous Super Bowl run none of these QBs are players you would put in the upper echelon of the league. 

If Robinson is already putting up the impressive numbers that he has been with the cast of QBs he’s had passing him the ball, imagine what he could do with a better QB at the helm. Robinson could look for a new home this offseason in free agency or maybe a reunion with an old team, I’m looking at you Urban Meyer. No matter where he goes, whether it be resigning or a tag with Chicago or a new home in FA Robinson, when healthy, is just about a lock for a 1000 yard season.

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Kenny Golladay is a monster downfield. A true DB’s nightmare. No one his size should be running a 4.5 40. His athleticism shows in his yards per reception. In 2019 the only players with a higher yards per reception than Golladay were Mike Williams and A.J. Brown. In 2019 Golladay also led the league in TDs and was 7th in yards. 

Golladay is still developing and getting better every year. He was held back in 2020 due to a hip injury but it shouldn’t be much of a concern for this upcoming season. Golladay should be able to make a full recovery and be back to 100% on the field for the 2021-22 season.

The Lions have been a pass heavy offense for a long time. Before they had Golladay they had Calvin Johnson. Golladay inherited the Megatron role when he was brought in by Detroit and excelled in it. Golladay is a red zone threat and then some. He can jump over any DB in the NFL and wins 50-50 balls at a much higher rate than 50%. He’s one of those guys that if you put the ball in his vicinity he’ll go get it. 

Golladay is also set to hit FA this offseason and would be a good addition to any team that wanted to bring him in. Unlike Robinson, Golladay has not proven he can be successful on a different NFL team. Golladay has also had a much better QB situation in his career than Robinson. Stafford is better than any QB Robinson has had and perfectly fits Golladay’s skill set. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Detroit retain Golladay on a franchise tag. If they decide to keep Golladay he will have a different QB throwing him the ball for the first time in his career with Jared Goff. I’d put both of these players in the WR1 to WR2 range with a slightly higher upside to Allen Robinson. That being said, I think Robinson has the higher floor but a lower ceiling, while Golladay has a lower floor but a higher ceiling. Golladay is a high-risk high reward addition for this upcoming fantasy season. If someone in your league has either of these WRs and is concerned about their upcoming FA status see if you can get one of them with an earlier to mid 2nd , if you’re a contender I’d be willing to give up a later 1st . At the end of the day, while Robinson is ranked higher you can’t go wrong with either of these guys.

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