As the 2020 season is wrapping up after the Monday Night Game. I thought that this was the proper time to look back on the year and see if there were any lessons to be learned. We will be doing this as a staff, one version for seasonal leagues and one for keeper/dynasty leagues. Bookmark this article and set a reminder before the 2021 season to re-read this so these are not forgotten.

Britt: 3 seasonal teams, 2 championship teams, 1 championship

    This year is a hard year to really dissect the process, especially given the abnormalities of the pandemic and also such a high perceived rate of injuries to the top tier players. 

  • The biggest lesson I learned, and this cost me a championship is to play the floor not the ceiling. Two years in a row I played the wrong flex play costing me a back-to-back championship and 200$ in winnings. Playing the ceiling means you are also inherently saying that you do not think your team is good enough to win that matchup. That may be so, but each week the motto is ‘any given Sunday’. Creating a high upside floor for your team allows your team the stability to compete and truly capitalize on a player having a top-12 week. 
  • The second lesson I learned was after the fifth round, you need to draft players on upside. Draft stability the first five rounds, players who are there because of their career or previous entire years production. Not players who had an elite 5 weeks of the season. Not players who were waiver wire warriors. Give your team the stable base of five great skill players and then go chase the Robby Andersons, Antonio Gibsons, Terry McLaurins, Ronald Jones of the drafts. 
  • The last lesson I have learned from this season is you can never have enough running backs. This season, going into the semi-finals I dropped Jeff Wilson jr. to pick up Jalen Hurts to help replace Matt Ryan. That week I lost Cam Akers and Clyde Edwards-Helaire and was stuck in the championship. Now, that may have worked out for me, but the process was flawed and had I played Jeff Wilson Jr. instead of Tyron Johnson I would be a champion.