Preston Williams, Rise To Glory

Preston Williams, Rise To Glory


Preston Williams is one of the most slept on breakout candidates, especially in redraft leagues where he can routinely be found in the 10th round position of the draft where you are looking for high upside guys regardless of risk. Preston fits the mold at 6-5” weighing in at 210 and returning punts to start is undrafted rookie season. To see a man at 6’5” is something to behold but we have grown accustomed to it as the years have passed with the greats of T.O Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones to name a few. Large, fast, dominant human beings who blew us away. We also have the cautionary tale of the Auden Tate’s, Tre’Quan Smiths, and JJ Arciga Whitesides of the world to keep us in check.That being said, watching Preston Williams return punts is a sight to behold. 

The man oozes athleticism and puts on a display of vision and cuts normally relegated to the smaller athletes of the game. He couples this with an outstanding ability to win 50/50 balls at the catch point due in no small part to his size at SIX FOOT FIVE! He also ran a 4.55 at his pro day coming out of Colorado. The tools are all there, and so is the opportunity.

Preston led the Miami Dolphins in targets while leading all rookies in targets and catches, and fourth in yards among rookies through the first 8 games of his rookie season. All incredible marks for anyone, but even more so considering Preston was an undrafted free agent rookie out of a small school often untelevised for the larger markets. This was made possible in no small part by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Ryan has had a long career playing for 8 teams in his now 16 year career. He knows what it’s like to climb the ranks, do the work, and finally earn a shot. He worked a lot with Preston in the off-season watching the young man not only earn his jersey, a roster spot, but a starting gig. The gunslinger couldn’t help himself. He targeted Preston on an unreal percentage of passes, going to him whether he was covered or not, and trusting his wide receiver to win out and make him look good, thus allowing him to keep his job. You see Ryan wasn’t this yolo, throw the playbook out quarterback. He’s fighting for his life as he knows it. A life in the National Football League, a profession kids and adults alike dream about, the world talks about, and young players aspire to obtain every day. And even with these pressures, and knowing the Dolphins will surely draft his replacement, Fitzpatrick continued to show faith in Preston Williams because he watched him earn his role

This isn’t the end of the road for Preston Williams. It’s only the beginning. It’s also a  beginning for you. The beginning of a playoff run and a shot at the title. Draft Preston Williams in your fantasy drafts this fall, you won’t regret it.

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