The Gut Check

The Gut Check


When it comes to any fantasy decision, odds are you have inundated yourself with so much information you are in a temporary paralysis. It happens to every one of us.  We must make one more poll, ask one more expert, read one more article. I will be the first one to tell you the importance of factoring statistical analysis, strength of schedule, week to week trends, and ascending or descending player values. They are all important, and anyone that attempts to argue against that is up a creek without a paddle. All of that should be done, but ultimately the decision comes down to something much more basic.   Are you ready for it? Trust your gut. 

    We all have had that strong intuition pulling us towards making a decision that turns out to be the right one. An underrated aspect of playing in any fantasy realm is following your own gut to help guide you through tough decisions.  Trusting yourself over anything is summed up by the words of Drake (no, not the football player), “There’s levels to this sh*t.” 

It is easier to stomach a bad decision if you made it rather than blindly following someone else. When the onus of responsibility falls on you, and you screwed up, you know you are to blame.  The responsibility was yours, and you blew it.  This leads to my next point; When you are making informed decisions, listening to yourself, and still make a mistake, it forces you to reevaluate your process. Every time you make a mistake, it should force you to improve your process, and as your process evolves, you improve your own evaluation skill.  This translates into future success.

    Your gut is not always going to tell you each week who to play or sit, who to trade or hold, who to draft or pass. It’s not there for that. It is for those important times that don’t seem pivotal but turn out to be so. This doesn’t mean stop gathering information and tune out the people you have learned to trust.  If anything, that will help fine tune your gut and your process.

    Simply put, by following your gut, you are reducing the information you must sift through to improve your process. By reducing the amount of information, you can more accurately pinpoint the flaw in your process and then strive to fix that. That’s the goal here.  I want you to keep improving your process and level up as a fantasy player. 

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